Women's Insoles

​32,500 Yen+Tax


Pumps and high heels


You'll relieve pain from your high heels and overworked skater's feet.

These self-made insoles are made by applying our high heel insoles for figure skating.

(International patent pending)

Children's insoles

32,500 yen + tax


Insole for foot improvement

A full-support child's insole developed from German molded shoes to prevent and improve X-legs, O-legs, and flat legs from an early age

Insoles to run faster!

An insole that allows you to move your foot more freely than an insole with improved foot alignment. The materials are combined taking into consideration where and how to use it, such as concrete, soil, and sand .

Mens insoles

32,500 yen + tax


We want to make a daily scene of Japanese businessmen’s shoes looking Italian.


Imagine yourself changing your posture with an insole and navigating up to twice as fast.

Discover how to create positive posture and image with AI insoles.