Knee pain 膝の痛み
Walking and posture improvement 歩行・姿勢改善
Bunion 外反母趾
Measuring sports movements スポーツ動作の測定
Shoe selection 靴の選定

Your knees hurt, you want to improve your hallux valgus, you want to run faster, you want to increase your jumping power, etc ...

To solve each person's foot and body problems

Not only making insoles,

For solution of foot and body posture and motion, as well as improvement of sports performance


From AI analysis

Fascia release and self-care

Such as alignment training

We provide total solutions.

Lumbago / knee pain improvement course

Asia posture and gait analysis, insole creation and fascia release for lower back and knee pain improvement 59,800 yen + tax

Walking / posture improvement course

AI posture and gait analysis, insole creation and fascia release for walking and posture improvement 59,800 yen + tax

Hallux valgus improvement course

A self-care product for insole creation and bunion improvement based on AI posture / walk analysis + instruction 89,000 yen + tax

Sports movement measurement course

AI posture, gait analysis, sports movement insole measurement, insole creation and movement improvement instruction 89,000 yen + tax

Shoe selection course

AI posture, gait analysis, 3D foot shape measurement, insole creation and shoe selection + foot improvement training 59,000 yen + shoe fee + tax

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